Just Words

by The Natural Result

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A homemade EP, recorded in various living spaces of Kevin and Frank between 2008 and 2010.


released June 18, 2010

Kevin Brosky - Guitars, Vocals
Kriston Bethel - Bass, Vocals
Frank Cotroneo - Drums, Chillin'

All songs written by Kevin Brosky, (c) 2010.



all rights reserved


The Natural Result Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Philadelphia
(K. Brosky)

Come on and take my hand
We've got a lot to see tonight
I can see down Broad Street
All lit up under the lights
Maybe we'll take a walk down South Street
And head over to Penn's Landing
We've got a lot left to take in,
But not from where we're standing

The sun is going down on another day
And I've just got to get my legs to move
I wanna see Philadelphia tonight with you

I was there when the Phillies won the Series
At a Center City bar
We rushed out into the streets
Through a sea of buses and cars
The celebration raged through the night
And there were fireworks above
The biggest demonstration I have ever seen
Of Brotherly Love


This ain't a perfect town
You can see it's got its ups and downs
But I wouldn't trade it, no

Track Name: Hypothetical Girl
Hypothetical Girl
(K. Brosky)

Maybe you’re just hard to reach
Or maybe I’m just easy to ignore
I don’t know
Maybe I was the only one who,
When we said we’d go out sometime,
Thought we’d actually go

I’ve gotta say, I’m so sick of sitting around
And I know there’s much more going on downtown

I just want to take you out on the town tonight
Together I want to soak in all the bright city lights
I wanna take your hand and guide you through the noisy streets
And transform these “what ifs” into something more concrete

So I will be your guy-in-waiting
And you can be my hypothetical girl
Until we get real
And playing phone tag is no fun game to me
I wish you’d just speak honestly
About how you feel

I’ve gotta say, I’m so sick of sitting around
And I know there’s much more going on downtown


And you should know, I’ve got more than enough time
And I'm not writing this in stone
I want to know you more than fleeting glances and waves goodbye
And we could start with you just picking up your phone


Cause I’m still trying hard to end this good-for-nothing streak
Track Name: Before You Meet Me
Before You Meet Me
(K. Brosky)

You don't want to get to know me
I'll only shoot you down
I'm inept at relationships
This is what I've found

I may seem like a nice guy
But don't you let that fool you
Somehow my twisted mind
Always gets the right and the wrong thing confused

You don't want me to write you a song
I'll only break your heart
The sappy verses are just over the top
They'll tear you or somebody else apart

And if I seem like a nice guy
Just do yourself a favor
Before you say a single word to me
Talk to somebody else who can be your lifesaver

I'm only looking out for your own good
I hope that you can see
I may not know what's best for you
But you probably don't wanna get tangled up with me

I may seem like a nice guy
But I hope you'll know better
I'm a hopeless, hapless lover,
A master of mistakes, a chronic forgetter
An overexaggerated love letter
Leave me before you meet me for whoever
Track Name: When You're Around
When You're Around
(K. Brosky)

I love the way you stand on your toes
When I kiss you
And I don’t understand why
When I lose sight of you, I miss you
And the solace that I find
In your dark, pretty eyes
Gives me more than just
A little peace of mind

And I’ve never been one to get the timing right
Were you just waiting to be found?
And there’s nothing I could do on my own tonight
That’s better than when you’re around

We could walk all afternoon
All over these city streets
Wearing down the soles of our shoes
But not looking down at our feet
Cause there’s no distance that’s too far
For us to walk there, arm in arm
And we’ll forget where we were going
As we find the nearest bar


The world makes a little more sense
When you're around
Track Name: Train to Somewhere
Train to Somewhere
(K. Brosky)

Losing focus, strung up in my dreams
Trying to keep my feet on the ground
Staring out the window at nighttime city scenes
On a train that’s Philly-bound

I rest my head and I breathe in the silence
My thoughts are a maze and I can’t get out
Life is just one big, unsteady balance
That I can’t seem to balance out

My head is spinning
And I feel like I am going down
It’s a battle I’m not winning
But I won’t lose until I hit the ground
And I wish this train
Could take to where I really want to go
Cause how to get there,
I still don’t know

I can’t always figure out the best way to spend
The little free time I can find
And I wonder when all the busyness will end
So I’ll take a train to somewhere and leave the busyness behind


I still don’t know
I still don’t know

Track Name: Broken
(K. Brosky)

It's Friday night
And it doesn't feel like it does when it's right
Instead I'm sitting on the floor of my room
Living through a wasted night

And the only words running through my head
Are the words when you said

My crystal ball is broken now
And I can't say that I know how
Anything will happen from this moment
I have lost it all, I am a mess
I've given up, I must confess
I am down, and I am broken

I'm in a daze
I'm drowning in the words I said that I know I can't escape
Seems there's no way
To make things all return to their once normal state

And the only things I'm thinking of instead
Are the only words running through my head
All the words when you said


I wanna tear down these walls and escape
This empty nothingness inside
I wanna turn this idle time into
One thing that's something worth my while

And the only things I'm thinking of instead
Are the only words running through my head
All the words when you said

Track Name: Visions
(K. Brosky)

I’ve never seen you look so beautiful as you do now
With the sun lighting up your face
Or then again, maybe I have so many times
But to tell you just was never my place

We’ve never crossed that line completely
But tonight I only hope you’ll come and meet me

These visions of you keep me up at night
I hope I’ll see you in my dreams
I still don’t know if you and I
Will ever be you and I
But I want to know if this is just what it seems

I remember nights we would stay up til 3am
I remember singing in my sleep
And I have lost myself so far into your eyes
That I’ve wondered what made me jump in so deep

We’ve never crossed that line completely
But I feel I’ve got to tell you this discretely


You’ve been farther than the sky from me at times
And we’ve got to live our own lives
But we’ve been closer other times to something
That’s made me feel more alive